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5 Channels Controller Telis 4 RTS Silver Somfy Motorized Window Coverings
Situo 5 RTS.png
5 Channels Controller Telis 4 RTS Black Somfy Motorized Window Coverings


The easy to use controllers allow you to interact with up to 16 roller shades at a time. Raising or lowering them has never been more comfortable.

The "my" button can be used as a "stop" but also as a "go to" my favorite position.


Sunis RTS Sun Sensor Window Covering Somfy

Sensors will interact with your window coverings automatically. You don't have to even think about it anymore. It takes care of itself.

Sun and Thermal Sensor Window Covering Motorized RTS Somfy
MyLink Smart Home Somfy Motorized Widow Treatmens RTS iPhone


Interact with your window coverings through your smartphone, tablet or computer easily. You will be able to control your shades or curtains, directly and with precision, by pressing a button. It also allows you to set scripted actions for individual or by group interactions, at the day and time you desire.

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