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In order to provide the best solution for your Home project, we gather as much knowledge as possible. We traveled to various countries that are known for their design and artistic culture, we went to museums in which the artists have an impact on our products and their environment, we keep an eye out and a open mind to seek and find inspiration wherever we go and to share it with you and for your future window coverings.

Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse is a well known French artist. He found inspiration in fabrics, and now, it is his artwork that inspires our own. 

Henri Matisse is born on the 31th of December in 1869 in France, Cateau-Cambrésis. He is the descendant of a family of weavers on his father's side, and a family of tanner on his mother's side.

Matisse has grown surrounded by weavers and the gorgeous fabric and other draperies they made. The piece made of whole and satin were made for the Parisian "Haute Couture".

He discovered the pleasure of painting fortuitously and decided to dedicate his life to it, forever inspired by the atmosphere he grew up in.

Milano - Italia

Milan is the capital of Lombardy and the second biggest city of Italy after Rome but most of all, it is the leading Alpha Global City. It is the center of the globe when talking about design, arts, fashion, etc...

Inspiration can be found all around the city. The elements, colors and architecture just mixe together and make it unbelievably beautiful.

Design Museum

Teatro dell' Arte

The history of Italian design is deeply rooted into the country and its culture. To build new elements upon the old one is as inspiring as the atmosphere the design emits.

The shapes are anything but agressive while the colors are playful and appeasing. Italian designers have successfully mastered the combination of different materials. Their creativity is not limited to the standards of the world making each piece appealing, exciting and most of all, exclusive. 

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