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The best sun protection to protect your furniture, your floors, your art, your carpets and rugs, etc... from color fastness and deterioration. 

Sun sensors will lower your shades automatically so you don't have to take care of it anymore.

Protect your intimacy in your home with privacy shades that you can lower with a push of a button.

Motorized solutions are cordless and are therefore safer for kids and/or pets.

Safe for Pets



Motorization allows for precision control. You can choose to interact with your window treatments in various ways (remote, smartphone, etc...) or let the smart equipments take care of it for you (sensors, timers, etc...).

Your product can evolve with your usage. You can add or change the way you use your window coverings within the ecosystem easily. Add a new remote, a timer, or a sensor to a new or existing installation in a blink of an eye. When you need it, if you need it.



Interact with your window treatments at a push of a button.

Set timers or sensors to lower your shades automatically whenever you'd like.

Use your smart device to use your window coverings even from the other side of the world.

Automation and motorization bring comfort while interacting with your product. The fabric satisfies the eye and makes a room more comfortable by managing the sun light.


The motors work.

They are warranty for 5 years in the unlikely event of a problem.

By using a motor you are also improving your window coverings' life time. Manual shades and curtains are known to break more easily and get dirty faster.

The automated systems use the product how they were made to be used.

Sonesse Ultra.png
Sonesse Ultra.png


Save energy by blocking the sun heat in or out given the weather.

Save money through automation by decreasing your consumption of temperature control systems.

Save time controlling all your product at once.

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