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Roller Shade

Our collection of roller blinds and roller shades offer various possibilities to match the design of your Home. The motorization and automation of your blinds / shades is included in an elegant and flawless installation.​


The advantages of motorized window treatments and window coverings are numerous:

  • Protect your fourniture, art, and yourself from the sun automatically. No damage, no effort, no problem.

  • Bring safety into your Home as our solutions are cordless. Your child, your pet and yourself will be safe around your window covering.

  • Control your shades with precision from a distance. It has never been easier than pressing a button.

  • Make energy savings by blocking the sun's heat during a warm and sunny day without compromising on day light.

  • Automatize your shades to respond to your daily need. You won't have to think about them ever again.

Simply designed for comfort.

Roller Shades and Cellular Shades can be used for windows, sliding windows, french doors, sliding doors and other...

Double Roller Shades aka Zebra Shades

Zebra Shades

Zebra shades or double roller shades, are the new trend when talking about window coverings. They allow you to adjust the lighting and privacy condition of the room very quickly. It is made of an alternation of solid and sheer fabric strips. By adjusting them, you will be able to have control over the natural light penetration in the room and the see-through aspects of the shades. This solution also allows a sound and thermal insulation as they add layers at trap air over your windows.


Blackout Shades

Blackout shades are used to have darkness in the room. They require a special installation which include side and bottom rail to do so. They blend with the window frame to be satisfying to the eye. This does require to mount the shade within the window’s frame.

If an inside mount is not possible for your window, or if you don’t want to have any rails but still want darkness do not worry! Blackout fabric can be used on an outside the window’s frame mount solution. We make sure that the fabric covers the window completely which allows to have only a small amount of sun coming through.

The fabric is available in different colours.

Turquoise Blackout Roller Shades
Screen See-Through Roller Shade

Roller Shades

The most efficient window coverings. They provide sun protection by filtering direct natural lightning. There is a large choice of fabrics and accessories for you to chose in order to make them one with your home. Beautiful patterns will make your home unique and exclusive whereas colors will bring dynamism and rhythm to your ambiance.

See-through fabric allows you to access privacy and sun protection during the day while keeping your view.

A light filtering fabric allows you to gain privacy day or night and sun protection. Only the light can flow in the room. The ultimate privacy shades.


Because the accessories are almost as important than the fabric they hold, we make sure they are robust. They might be smaller and details, but you see them as much as the shade itself. That is why we offer beautiful accessories that are fashionable without compromising on quality.

Roller Shade Mounting Option
Roller Shade Accessories

Fabric Collection

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