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Coulisse has been designing window coverings since its creation in 1992. The company is well established around the world, sharing its knowledge and competences with their partners. Their strength can be found from within their collection and the fabric they have designed over the years. Their offer can be timeless, fashionable, contemporary, classic... but most of all they will always be desirable and exclusive.

As we scout for the best suppliers, we had the chance to visit and meet with Coulisse's employees in their head quarters in the Netherlands. 

We had the chance to see Coulisse's warehouse. They have 95% of their product their which translates in shorter delays for their clients. All their product are treated carefully and in a clean environment.

Coulisse's Warehouse

In order to offer unique designs, Coulisse's designers look at in the past to build the futur. They have countless numbers of vintage fabric books and other portfolios. Most of them come from old European designers.


Looking at old fabric designs, you could clearly see a potential. The details offered is making a big come back. The patterns are as attractive as the new dress presented in the Paris' fashion week. On and on, an endless collection of opportunities.

Exclusive Designs

In design, you can either follow trends, find trends, or create them. Coulisse follows trends as to look in the past, finds them to build the futur on, and creates new ones for an exclusive offer.

As their competences merge together, the end product comes together to deliver the best outcome in terms of quality, comfort and design. No compromise is done whatsoever.

Beautiful Products

Coulisse also offers various accessories that will be able to fit anyone's needs. They come in all size and design to match your home.


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