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Smart Shades

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Your Home matches you in its own way. As everyone is, each project is unique. It requires special dedication throughout the realization in order to be perfect. This process starts with your idea, with your dream. We offer the custom solution to your wishes.

Our collection of roller blinds and roller shades offer various possibilities to match the design of your Home. The motorization and automation of your blinds / shades is included in an elegant and flawless installation.​


The advantages of motorized window treatments are numerous:

  • Protect your fourniture, art, and yourself from the sun automatically. No damage, no effort, no problem.

  • Bring safety into your Home as our solutions are cordless. Your child, your pet and yourself will be safe around your window covering.

  • Control your shades with precision from a distance. It has never been easier than pressing a button.

  • Make energy savings by blocking the sun's heat during a warm and sunny day without compromising on day light.

  • Automatize your shades to respond to your daily need. You won't have to think about them ever again.

Simply designed for comfort.

to schedule a FREE in home consultation / quote

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